About us


About B.E.S.T.

Best College is an Irish online teaching school specializing in English language and business training. We aim to be unique in online teaching by providing our own state of the art online teaching platform which will be well ahead of the curve of other providers.

About our teachers

We have only native English teachers, fully qualified, many of whom are also university lecturers. Students and teachers have 24 hour support available from our fully trained support specialists. All follow our structured programmes enabling strong consistency across courses and teachers.

About our courses

We are offering our services worldwide 24 hours per day. What sets us apart is that we are not offering static mass broadcast teaching but rather tailored learning to individuals and small groups with a maximum of 10 students. We have developed our own material crossing the full range of English language learning from A1 to C2, plus exam based courses such as IELTS and CAE, etc. Also specialist courses such as English for Finance, Legal, Medical, Engineering, etc. As standard, we will be utilizing the most up-to-date teaching methodologies to create a highly motivating environment enabling the best possible take up of learning language.

  • Cambridge ESOL

About the tool

Our software enables full live video interaction with the opportunities to have listening exercises, videos, writing, conversations, instant messaging and group exercises. Students can develop friendships and relationships with each other despite being geographically separate. Everything that can be achieved in a regular classroom and more can be provided with our easy to use software.

From home

100% livestream

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We aim to be the number one provider of such services worldwide with constant re-evaluation of what we offer to always deliver the best experience.

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