Minimal Technical Requirements

   Minimal technical requirements

For the productive and seamless use of the Service, the Provider has set forth minimum requirements to the hardware and Internet connectivity for each user, as follows:

1. Internet connection 1 Mbps
2. Operating system Windows 7 (or above), Linux (Ubuntu 13.04 or above), Mac OS X (10.9 or above)
3. Web browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera (most recent versions)
Remark: At the moment we do not support Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge
4. Screen resolution 1366 x 768px
5. Processor Dual-core 2.1 GHz (Intel Core i3 or equivalent AMD CPU)
6. Operating memory RAM 3 GB
7. Web camera Integrated or external
8. Headphones Headphones with microphone
It is possible to obtain acoustic feedback when using loudspeakers and/or built-in microphone. This is why the use of a headset is recommended.

The application runs on mobile devices with Android 4.0 or higher with screen resolution of at least 854x480 and the most recent versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Windows Mobile and iOS are not supported at the moment.

The Screen sharing feature is only supported on Google Chrome. To use it you need to install our browser extension Vedamo Screen Sharing. Click here to install

   Should you have any questions, you may contact us at:

phone: (+353) 15 310 524

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