General Terms of Use


Please read carefully the current terms before you proceed further.

Please read carefully the current terms before you proceed further.

Contract conclusion

  1. The current document contains the General Terms, based on which Best College ltd (Best College) provides services to its clients through this/her website.

  2. “Provider”, as defined in these General Terms and the Law on Electronic Commerce of the Republic of Ireland, is Best College ltd, a company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Ireland with registered number 558843.

  3. “Client”, as defined in these General Terms, is a legally competent adult who concludes this contract on his/her/her own account and for his/her own benefit or in favour of an individual/s who is/are above or under the age of 18 years, to whom this person is a parent or guardian.

  4. “User” as defined by these General Terms is the Client or a specifically designated person in whose favour the contract has been concluded.

  5. The information concerning the Provider is as follows:

  • name – Best College LTD.

  • seat and registered address of the company – Molyneux House, Bride street, Dublin, Dublin, 8

  • address of management of company’s activity – Molyneux House, Bride street, Dublin, Dublin, 8

  • contact information, including phone number and e-mail address for a direct and timely communication with the Provider:
    Address: Molyneux House, Bride street, Dublin, Dublin, 8

  • Phone number: (+353) 15 310 524
    E-mail address:

  • Information about the registration of the company in the Commercial or other public register: 558843

  • In its activity Best College follows the standards of the Code of Ethics

  • State authorities, exercising control over the activity of the company:

    • Commission for Consumer Protection

    • Commission for Personal Data Protection

  1. Through this/her website Best College offers the following educational services which can be purchased by the Client:

    • Courses and lesson series;

    • Individual courses on-demand
      The schedule for the educational courses and the registration terms are published on the site of Best College

  2. The stated price is the total price in Euro, and includes all the applicable fees and taxes.

  3. All the contracts for the provision of services in compliance with the current General Terms are concluded in the English language.

  4. By pressing the “Enrol for the course” button, the Client registered on the site agrees to purchase the selected services. The Provider shall temporarily book a place for the User at the course for the term necessary to process the payment. The Client shall receive a confirmation of the registration to the course on his/her personal e-mail address and with the receipt of this confirmation, the contract shall be deemed concluded. After the receipt of the payment, the Provider shall permanently book a place for the Client at the selected course.

  5. We are the BEST College on the internet and we are also the best at offering customer security and guarantees. We are so sure you’ll be happy with your purchase that we offer a “100% Money-Back Guarantee” on any unused portion of our courses, which also includes your last one*, to ensure complete customer satisfaction with our services. If for any reason you wish to stop using our services, we will promptly issue a refund. We do not want you to have anything from Best College that is not completely satisfactory.

    Simply contact us and speak to one of our customer care specialist about our 100% Money-Back Guarantee which will be implemented quickly and easily.

    * For example, if you sign up for a course and for whatever reason, after the first lesson, it doesn’t suit you, you get 100% of your money back. If you are in the middle of your course and a problem arises, then you get back 100% of the fee of your remaining classes plus the fee of the last actual class you attended.

Copyright and other intellectual property rights

  1. The Client agrees that the lessons in the courses, delivered by the Provider may be recorded for the purpose of current and subsequent control of the conformity of the offered educational services. The exclusive copyrights and related intellectual rights on the records belong to the Provider.

  2. All materials and every content published on this/her site and/or provided to the Client by the Provider, are subject to a copyright and the relevant intellectual property rights, and are under the protection of the applicable provisions of the Irish law, the European law, and the International agreements to which the Republic of Ireland is a party. Any usage of the content provided to the Client in violation of the copyrights and/or trademark rights, and/ or other intellectual property rights is prohibited, and refers to, and is not limited to the following type of violations: modification, reproduction, provision of the content to third parties or its public distriubution.


  1. The Software used for the purpose of provision of the services, is under the protection of the Copyright and Related Rights Act, and is the property of Proznanie AD or the relevant software companies and/or their suppliers and partners. Please read the Technical Requirements before you start using the software.

Links to other websites

  1. The links to other websites, owned by third parties, are made available on this Site solely for the purpose of convenience. The Provider does not control these sites and does not take any responsibility for any of these sites or their content. The Client may visit these sites on his/her own responsibility and at his/her own risk.

Rights and obligations of the Client

  1. The Client is obliged to provide the following information: his/her e-mail address, first and family name, phone number, date of birth, as well as e-mail address, first and family name and birth date of the User in whose favour the conctract shall be concluded and to whom the service shall be provided. With the provision of his/her phone number, the Client agrees to receive information via SMS messages related to the services chosen.

  2. The Client bears the full responsibility, in case that he declares false information and/or does not meet the requirements stated in p.3 of the current General Terms.

  3. The Client bears the full responsibility for the protection of his/her username and password, as well as for all the actions undertaken by him or a third party through the usage of his/her username and password. The Client is obliged to immediately inform the Provider for any cases of unauthorized access through the usage of his/her username and password.

  4. The Client is obliged to pay the price for service ordered through the means specified on the webpage of the Provider. Deferred payment is allowed for courses with duration exceeding 1 month. In this/her case the applicable price will be the price with a deferred payment option.

  5. The Client and the individual in whose favour the contract has been concluded and to whom the service will be provided, have the obligation:

    • not to infringe on and to respect the main civil rights and freedoms and human rights, as stipulated in the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland and the applicable International law.

    • not to harm the reputation of other individuals and not to urge for a forced change of the constitutionally established order, and provoke criminal behaviour, offence against the person, or racial, national, ethnic or religious hatred;

    • not to infringe on the property or non-material, absolute or relative rights and interests of other individuals, such as the right of ownership, intellectual property rights and others;

    • to comply with the Irish law, the applicable foreign law and the principles of morality and respectful behaviour, when using the services offered by the Provider through the Internet;

    • to inform immediately the Provider about any cases of committed or revealed violation in the usage of the services offered;

    • to inform immediately the Provider in writing about any cases of conflict of interest, including but not only, when educational services are provided against remuneration to users, who study in the same school where the instructor is teaching;

    • not to upload, send, transmit, distribute or use in any way, and give access of third parties to software, computer programs, files, applications and other materials, containing computer viruses, systems for unauthorised remote control (trojan horses), computer codes or materials which may be used to interrupt, hinder, disturb or limit the normal functioning of the computer hardware or software or telecommunication devices, or to facilitate unauthorised penetration or access to other users’ resources or software.

    • to compensate the Provider and all the third parties for all the damages and lost profits, including for any expenses incurred and legal fees paid, as a result of legal claims from and/or paid compensations to third parties in relation to Internet pages, hyperlinks, materials or information which the Client has used, sent, distributed or made available to third parties, including through in violation of the law, the current General Terms and the principles of morality and respectful behaviour.

Rights and obligations of B.E.S.T. College

  1. Best College is obliged to provide access to the User to the service purchased after the receipt of the payment for the service.

  2. Best College is obliged to provide the educational service through selected teachers, with qualification in the respective field, which is in compliance with the regulatory requirements, applicable in the Republic of Ireland and the Code of Ethics of Best College.

  3. The Provider has the right at any time to terminate, suspend or change the services offered, without advance notification to the Client, in cases when the Client uses the provided services in violation of the current General Terms.

  4. The Provider is not liable for any damages to the software, hardware or telecommunication devices, or loss of data, which was caused by materials and resources searched, stored or used in any way through the provided services.

  5. The Provider shall not be liable for failure to perform his/her obligations due to reasons beyond his/her control, including, but not only: situations of unpredictable events, technical problems with the computer configuration of the User – software and hardware, problems with the Internet connectivity of the computer of the User, problems related to the incompetent usage of the products, problems in the global network.

  6. The Provider preserves the right to decline the provision of the agreed service, in case that the service is not available due to reasons beyond his/her control. In this/her case the Provider informs the Client about the circumstances, that have occurred, by sending a message to his/her e-mail address or phone number. In case that the service has been paid to the Provider, the Client may choose between the options of withdrawing from the service ordered and receiving a refund of the paid amount, or receiving a substitute order.

  7. The Provider can keep records of or receive access to information, stored on the end device of the Client, for the following purposes: seamless service provision and monitoring of the execution of the contract. The personal data, which is included in this information, will be stored and processed in accordance with the requirements of the Law for Protection of Personal Data. With the acceptance of the current General Terms the Client gives his/her consent for such storage and access to his/her information, unless he objects in a written statement sent to the Provider, and such a statement may prevent his/her subsequent usage of the service.

  8. In case that the Provider sends unsolicited commercial messages, he has to provide for their clear and unambiguous identification as unsolicited mail upon their receipt by the Client. With the acceptance of the current General Terms the Client gives his/her consent to receive such unsolicited commercial messages, unless he sends his/her objection in an explicit written statement to the Provider.

Contact information

  1. All notifications to Best College should be sent in writing to the following e-mail address:

Personal data protection

  1. Best College is registered as administrator of personal data in the Register of Administrators of Personal Information kept by the Personal Data Protection Commission.

  2. With the conclusion of this/her contract as specified in clause 9 of these Terms, the Client declares and agrees to the voluntary provision of his/her personal information, and gives his/her explicit consent to the Provider for the processing of this/her information for the purposes specified in these General Terms.

  3. The Provider processes the personal information of the Clients and Users in compliance with the terms of the Declaration of Confidentiality.

  4. The Provider is obliged to comply with the applicable standards as stipulated in the Law for Protection of Personal Data, which concern the processing and storage of personal data, provided by the Clients.

  5. The Client has the right of access at any time to his/her personal information that has been collected and processed, as well as the right to demand its modification, deletion or correction in accordance with the provisions of the Law for the Protection of Personal Data.

  6. The Provider is obliged not to disclose personal information of the Clients to third parties – state authorities, companies, individuals, and others, - except for the cases when the Provider has obtained the explicit written consent of the Client or when he is obliged to provide such information to the state authorities or state officials, who have the right to demand and receive such information, as per the provisions of the current legislation.

Amendments to the General Terms

  1. The General Terms may be amended at any time by the Provider, who has the right to modify the characteristics of the services offered and the current General Terms, including – but not only – on the basis of changes in the applicable legislation. The Provider is obliged to inform the Client about the amendments to the General Terms, by publishing an announcement on a visible place on his/her website, and by providing enough time for the Clients to get acquainted with the amendments. If the Client does not object to the amendments within the stipulated term, the amendments will be considered binding for the Client. If the Client declares within the stipulated term that he objects to the amendments, the Provider has the right to immediately suspend or terminate the provision of the services to the Client.

Applicable law

  1. The current General Terms are subject to the laws of the Republic of Ireland, which will also apply in case of disputes between the parties.

Dispute resolution

  1. All disputes between the parties related to the provision of the services by the Provider, shall be resolved through negotiations, in the spirit of good faith and understanding. In case that no agreement is reached between the parties, the disputes shall be resolved by the competent Irish court.

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